Autowash has installed and now services over 150 car, truck, bus and heavy duty wash machines nationally and is committed to expanding seriously into the Asia Pacific Region. Our more than 20 staff comprise some of the most passionate and committed people in the industry. We believe our organisation has the greatest depth of engineering experience of any vehicle wash supplier in Australia.

Autowash sources the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle washing technology. We evaluate new technologies while maintaining our first rule of engineering practice, which is that the less maintenance that is required for a design, the less often it will be a problem and expense for the Owner.

We are proud to import the world's best vehicle washing equipment from the US, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Germany, Italy and the UK. We have exclusive distribution agreements in place with some of the world's leading vehicle wash manufacturer's including: Britannia Wash Systems, Belanger, CustomKraft Iteco, Scott Vickers, Kirton Engineering, Feistmantl, Weidner and Dong Seo.

Autowash's mission is to provide our customers with environmentally safe equipment that best serves their needs.  We strive to deliver equipment that combines the latest technological innovations with the best possible price, while maintaining our high quality standards.  We engineer our systems to be simple and user friendly, so that they require less service calls throughout the life of the system.

Autowash is proud to be able to offer our customers multiple wash solutions across every vehicle washing category. Unlike our competitors we are able to recommend wash systems specfically suited to our customers' individual needs. As we represent multiple equipment manufacturers our customers' needs are our first priority. Other vehicle wash providers will try and convince you that their specific system is the one you require - we work back from your unique situation and choose a product from our large range that is best suited to you.


Autowash Head  Australian offices is in, Brisbane  with staff in Sydney, Melbourne , Adelaide ,Perth, Mackay ,Townsville and Darwin.  We have dedicated Sales Representatives meeting prospective clients in most capital cities and major rural centres around Australia on a weekly basis. If you would like to schedule a meeting on site to discuss your specific vehicle washing needs please contact us to arrange an appointment. We are happy to meet you in an inner city CBD or on a remote mine site - wherever is most convenient for you.

Autowash - world-best solutions for EVERY vehicle wash requirement.


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