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Autowash sells bus wash equipment from the world's leading commercial vehicle wash manufacturers. Our bus wash systems include: roll over (gantry) bus wash equipment, drive through bus wash systems, single brush mobile bus washing equipment, and manual bus wash bay set-ups. 

Roll Over Bus Wash (6 - 10 buses per hour)

Our roll over bus wash systems come from Brittania Wash Systems (SBW) UK,  Brittania  produce the highest quality bus wash equipment available.. 

Whether you are seeking a brush roll over or a touch free machine our range offers a bus wash to suit every possible budget and preference.

Drive Through Bus Wash (30 - 60 buses per hour)

Autowash supplies four brush and two brush drive through systems from Brittania Wash Systems. Each system is well suited to high volume bus depots bringing to bear various unique advantages that deliver market leading wash quality and low ongoing service and maintenance costs.

Features of our drive through bus wash range include typical throughputs of 60 vehicles per hour, combinations of brush and high pressure washing systems, sophisticated mirror avoidance options, and engineering features designed to maximum equipment useful life and minimize spare parts and service and maintenance requirements. 

Single Brush & Mobile Bus Washing (4 - 10 buses per hour)

Autowash carries an extensive range of single brush manual and automated bus wash systems from Italian manufacturer Iteco S.r.l. These single brush systems are perfect for smaller bus fleets and deliver an excellent wash quality for a very economical price. 

We also sell Australian made mobile bus washing equipment including bus wash mats, pressure washers and customized trailers that comply with Australian trade waste regulations.

Manual Bus Wash Bays (2 - 5 buses per hour) 

Our manual bus wash bay equipment comes from Otto Christ in Germany and CustomKraft in the USA. Our equipment leads the market in Australia with many unique features including plant room or in-bay cabinet options, 2 year warranties on parts and labour, high volume lower pressure flows rates suited to commercial vehicles, and a manufacturing emphasis on durability to maximise equipment useful life.

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