Car Wash Marketing Services

Autowash views car wash marketing as essential to the success of any new car wash venture. As part of our after sales commitment to pur clients we offer both Car Wash Marketing Services and ongoing Car Wash Site Management.

Autowash Car Wash Marketing

AutoWash is in regular contact with car wash equipment manufacturers and car wash operators throughout Australia, North America and Europe. With the increasing saturation of the car wash market internationally, gone are the days that a car wash can simply open and reach peak sales without effective marketing.

Autowash offers our clients car wash marketing services on a site-by-site basis. We bring our experience to bear on your specific situation. Our advice is developed in light of recent international trends in car wash marketing and successful Australian car wash operations that we have observed and aided. Our services are either 'hands-off' where we prepare a detailed marketing plan tailored to your specific business; or 'hands-on' where we prepare the plan and execute it for you.

We divide our recommended marketing initiatives into three categories:

  1. Low Cost Marketing Initiatives. These will typically cost less than $500 to implement and can usually be done within 7-14 days.
  2. Moderate Cost Marketing Initiatives. These items will cost between $500 and $5,000 to implement and will take approximately 3 months to realise.
  3. Major Marketing Initiatives. Major marketing initiatives will cost over $5,000 and may take up to 6 months to come into full effect.

And into three stages:

Stage One – Six Weeks

The overarching aim of the first stage of car wash marketing is volume generation. Operators attempt to have as many potential customers as possible come through their facility with the hope that they will return.

The most effective way of drawing customers into your car wash business en masse is through an intensive discounting period. Some operators even offer free car washes during this stage to get as many potential customers as possible to try their service and to generally create a ‘buzz’ in the local area.

In this stage it is essential that all equipment is functioning flawlessly and that the car wash and all staff are as presentable and consumer-friendly as possible.

Our site-specific marketing plans will usually provide in excess of 20 immediate, low cost, marketing initiatives to boost your business in the first 6 weeks. Some of these are traditional, 'tried and tested', methods and others are new media initiatives leveraging social media and the internet.

Stage Two – Three Months

This period reigns in some of the initial discounting and more specifically targets areas of the market that were particularly responsive to Stage One marketing. This will likely include one-on-one visits to local businesses and community organisations that took advantage of the discounting in Stage One. The purpose of these visits will be to organise fleet packages at a corporate level between the car wash and the local business.

More sustainable marketing campaigns are run (e.g. Google Adwords, Shop-A-Docket, Senior’s Discounts, cross promotions with local business, internet group buying partner promotions etc.). If these campaigns are loss making then they are jettisoned in favour of the ones that overall turn a profit. The profitable campaigns are then continued indefinitely. It should be noted that any campaigns that do lose money will still likely turn a profit in the long run by introducing long term customers to the business.

We bring our hands-on experience to bear in stage two marketing with techniques that have been proven throughout Australia and internationally to grow your customer volumes, loyalty and spend per wash. Much of our advice is not rocket science, however it is extremely targeted and will make you money if you are commited to acting on it.

Stage Three – Ongoing 

All organically profitable marketing initiatives from Stages One and Two will be continued as they will self fund. Direct marketing initiatives (approaching local companies/organisations) will continue in widening circles to a maximum 20km radius from the car wash.

Stage Three will focus on up-selling the existing customer base and in particular converting regular users to the Unlimited Wash Club (private individuals) and the Fleet Club (companies) programs. This will smooth out the business’ cash flow and cement customer loyalty.

In addition to selling Australia's best car wash equipment Autowash Directors and employees own and operate their own car wash and truck washing businesses. Continuing Stage Three car wash marketing for the life of your business is in our view a critical success factor and we can provide you with sound, proven, advice to take your car wash business from strength to strength.

For more information on Autowash's Car Wash Marketing Services please contact us.

Autowash Car Wash Site Management

Autowash also offers ongoing site management services to our customers. We take good businesses that aren't realising their potential and make them better. Car wash owners appreciate Autowash taking over the day to day management of their businesses and improving their return on investment. 

While every case is different, typically our car wash site management strategy is a two stage process.

Stage 1 - A 3 Month Intensive Rebranding & Relaunching Campaign

In this stage we would typically oversee:

  1. Car Wash Rebranding. We co-ordinate the development of a new logo and style guide for the car wash if needed. This work flows through to all areas of the business and provides a cohesiveness and unity to the image presented to the public. We then use the logo and style guide to develop a website for the business as well as staff uniforms, flyers, advertisement copy and other marketing materials. The rebrand is often valueable as it projects the 'under-new-management' image to the public which drives new customers and the return of old disenfranchised customers.
  2. Car Wash Marketing. We prepare and enact a strategic marketing plan incorporating online marketing (Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, Australian Car Wash Association Membership etc.) and more traditional forms of advertising including: bill boards, flyers, shop-a-docket, bus shelters and other forms of physical marketing. We also focus on on-site car wash marketing leveraging the strengths of the recommended payment systems like the ICS payment system (including loyalty programs and fundraising features). We can also developed paper-based systems to the same (although more limited) effect. To do this we prepare signage and information booklets to raise customer awareness of the savings available through these programs.
  3. Car Wash Staffing. We review existing staffing arrangements and consider re-interviewing for the manager’s role or introducing a more flexible roster incorporating part-time workers. Employing part-time workers often enables the simultaneous involvement of differing skill sets in the business bringing staff more actively into an ongoing marketing and promotions role.
  4. Initial Car Wash Management. We prepare regular management reporting information as well as enact systems for cash management, inventory ordering, bookkeeping, OH&S best practice, complaints handling, and routine cleaning & maintenance procedures.

Stage 2 - Ongoing Site Management & Marketing Initiatives

Stage 2 is optional and usually includes Autowash taking over all ongoing management for the business including the supply of chemicals and ongoing car wash service and maintenance to the business (included in the one fee). Typically, Stage 2 involves:

  1. Oversight of the day-to-day management of the car wash. This usually includes overseeing the general running of the car wash including the cash management, inventory ordering, bookkeeping, OH&S, complaints handling, and cleaning & maintenance systems developed in Stage One.
  2. Concise monthly management reporting. Autowash prepares monthly reports analysing trends in sales and expenses, variations from budget, along with daily weather rating system to filter the information. We will also oversee a mystery shopper program to provide 3rd party review of products and services.
  3. Provision of regular service and maintenance of all equipment onsite ensuring the highest levels of productivity from each item and the longest possible useful life.
  4. Monitoring and supply of wash chemicals for self service and auto car washes.
  5. Oversight of ongoing car wash marketing. Ongoing marketing is approved by the client and likely consists primarily of the most successful initiatives from Stage One.
  6. Oversight of ongoing car wash promotional activities. As distinct from marketing initiatives promotional activities involve direct contact with local fleets (government and private), clubs and associations, schools and community groups with the goal of raising awareness of the business and signing up new customers on monthly accounts.
Autowash's Car Wash Site Management is not for every business. Nonetheless, in certain circumstances, partnership with Autowash in running your business can optimize your return on capital while minimising the time you spend running your car wash so that you can concentrate on your other investments.
For more information on our Car Wash Site Management Services please contact us.

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