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Autowash sells car wash equipment from the world’s leading car wash manufacturers. Our car wash systems include self service car wash equipment, touch free roll-overs, brush roll-overs, touch free car washes, brush drive through systems, tunnel car washes and conveyor car washes.

Self Serve Car Wash (6 - 8 cars per hour per wash bay)

Our self service car wash systems come from  CustomKraft in the USA. This comprehensive range ensures we have a self service car washing solution for every site - no matter what shape or size! 

Our self service carwash equipment leads the market in Australia with many unique features including plant room or in-bay cabinet options, 2 year warranties on parts and labour, up to 12 wash programs to maximise sales, and much more.

Touch Free Car Wash (8 - 12 cars per hour, wash bay 7m - 9.5m)

Autowash supplies two models models of touch free car washes from and Belanger in the USA. Each model is differntiated by different strengths - we have an option for every budget.

Some of the unique advantages found in our touch free car wash range include: the possibility of retrofitting one of our machines in a 7m wash bay (usually min. 9.5m), a machine that comes equipped with dryers as standard and auto-resetting breakaway wash arms, a touch free with hands-down the highest wash quality in the market, and a touch free capable of washing and drying a car in 3 minutes (usually 7-8 minutes to acheive this).

Soft Touch Auto Car Wash (10 - 16 cars per hour, wash bay 9m - 12m)

Autowash sells more than 10 models of soft touch autos (also know as brush/friction roll overs/or gantry car washes). Our preferred soft touch autos come from Belanger who are known internationally for producing the highest quality car wash systems available on the market.

The strength of our car wash equipment is its wash quality and reliability over a useful life that will extend far longer than other manufacturers. The hidden cost in car washing is the ongoing service and maintenance costs as well as unexpected break downs. Many operators end up paying for the machine twice over during its useful life due to never-ending costly service and maintenance call-outs. This is not the case with our equipment and we can provide many customer testimonials to prove it.

Drive Through Car Wash Equipment (up to 60 cars per hour, wash bay 7-10m)

Autowash is one of only a handful of companies in Australia to sell a drive through soft touch car wash. Having very few moving parts (no conveyor or gantry) this system from Belanger in the USA is very economical and incredibly hard wearing with some sites in the US having washed in excess of 1 million vehicles through their washes.

The Belanger InstaKleen is perfectly suited for high volume commercial operations like car dealerships, hire car companies and motor vehicle auction houses with wash times as little as 1 minute per vehicle and exceptionally low equipment prices and ongoing running costs.

Tunnel Car Wash Equipment (30 - 200+ cars per hour, wash tunnel length 20m - 50m+)

We sell tunnel car wash equipment from America's best tunnel car wash manufacturer, Belanger Inc. Each manufacturer has differentiating strengths and we can point to many succesful installations in Australia and thousands of installations around the world.

Investing in a tunnel car wash is a serious investment - serious capital, serious upside. It's crucial that the world's best tunnel car wash manufacturers are on your side.

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