Autowash sells industrial cleaning equipment from the US, Canada, Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy and the UK. Across our diverse range of industrial cleaning equipment we represent some of the world's most innovative companies and sell market leading solutions accross several industry segments.

Shopping Trolley Wash Equipment

Autowash sells Austrian trolley wash equipment from Trolley Wash Sales & Marketing GmBH. Government health authorities are increasing levels of scrutiny on the health and safety practices of Australia's supermarket and fresh food chains. European governments now legislate and monitor regular shopping trolley washing and sanitising and German company Feistmantl leads the market in providing automated shopping trolley wash equipment to most major chains.

Rubbish Bin Cleaning Equipment

Austrian bin and container cleaning system manufacturer Feistmantl is a market leader in rubbish bin washing equipment. They make multiple systems suited to washing the full range of bins from standard domestic bins right up to the largest commerical garbage bins. Autowash stocks the full Feistmantl rubbish bin cleaning range.

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