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Autowash sells mining, oil & gas, agriculture, forestry and construction wash equipment from the Australia ,US, Canada, Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK. Our diverse range of commercial vehicle washing equipment means that we are experts in matching the right equipment to each of our customer’s individual needs.

Autowash sells every type mining, oil & gas, and construction wash system including: wheel wash systems; portable wheel washes,  under-chassis wash systems, medium vehicle truck wash equipment, excavator and bulldozer wash equipment, haul pack wash systems, manual wash cannons and custom engineered wash solutions for major mining projects.

Light Vehicle (LV) Wash Systems (up to- 60 vehicles per hour)

Autowash's LV Wash Systems include a variety wheel wash systems from around the world. Our wheel wash equipment is highly versatile with some systems being completely portable, others semi-permanent (involving minimal ground works and connections) and others designed to be permanent installations.

Rugged and durable in nature, our wheel wash systems are designed to last. Depending on the nature of your project we offer wheel wash equipment for sale or hire.

Medium Vehicle (MV) Wash Systems (up to 30 trucks per hour)

We sell a large variety of drive through medium vehicle wash systems from the around the world. These systems specifically target the problem side and under body areas of trucks, excavators, bulldozers and all types of medium vehicles in their wash design.

These systems have  many features that make it the standout manufacturer of medium and heavy vehicle wash equipment. The main features are the use of high volume water combined with efficient water recycling.

Heavy Vehicle (HV) Wash Systems (3 - 5 trucks per hour)

Autowash is an expert solutions provider to the mining sector in the area of heavy vehicle wash systems. We have several different approaches to washing heavy vehicles like haul pack trucks. Leveraging the incredible flow rates available from the systems we have drive through haul truck wash systems as well as systems that rely on sophisticated robotics.We also equip heavy vehicle wash bays with manual wash cannons.

 Autowash is able to offer full turn-key mining wash project management including planning, wash building & construction, wash equipment installation & commissioning, and ongoing service & maintenance.

Construction Wash Solutions (up to 60  trucks per hour)

Autowash supplies several wheel wash systems designed specifically for the construction industry. We source our wheel wash systems from around the world . We sell portable, above ground wheel washes and also semi-permanent inground set-ups.

Agricultural and Quarantine Wash Solutions (up to  30 trucks per hour)

Autowash specialises in quarantine wash solutions, container washing systems and agricultural wash solutions. Our systems are either portable (with containerised plant rooms) or semi-permanent in nature.

Portable Wash Solutions (up to 60 vehicles per hour)

Many of Autowash's mining wash solutions are completely portable in nature. These systems suit projects of short duration or projects that require the semi-regular relocating of wash equipment on site. We portable wash solutions ranging from portable wheel wash systems to portable truck wash systems.

Autowash offers our range of portable mining and construction wash systems for sale or for hire.

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