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Otto Christ Wash Tunnels

German company Otto Christ are international market leaders in wash tunnel technology. They are the only car wash provider in the international market to offer three different technological approaches to tunnel car washing. Whether you settle on their Hybrid Technology wash tunnels, their Contour Technology wash tunnels, or their Transversal Technology wash tunnels you can be confident your tunnel will be the most technologically advanced wash tunnel in production today.


Christ Hybrid Technology Wash Tunnels

The Christ Hybrid Technology Wash Tunnel combines hydraulic and electrically controlled wash cyclinders for maximum vehicle washes per hour and wash equipment durability. This top of the range Christ conveyor car wash is fabricated entirely in stainless steel.The Hybrid Technology maximises vehicle throughput and wash quality with features like: All-around COMPACT washer, KINEMATIC roof cylinder, HP-ROTATION, Wheel and rim washer, longitudinal and the Dryer AEROFLEX-1 with front side built-on pre-dryer AEROPRO.


Christ Contour Technology Wash Tunnels

Christ AG's contour technology operated with pneumatic cylinder control is designed for longevity and thus profitability. The contour guided wash sequence in combination with all wash materials, especially with the premium wash material TEDDYTEX, guarantees optimum wash quality. Modular in design, the Contour Technology system has features that can include: the ROTEX wash portal, an illuminated polishing arch, a wet polishing zone, an illuminated conservation arch, a drying mitter, the AEROFLEX-2 drying system and much more.


Christ Transversal Technology Wash Tunnels

Christ Transversal Technology is an ingenious system whereby the movement of the vehicle along the conveyor regulates brush movements across the surface of the vehicle. This signficantly limits moving parts in the design ensuring consistent wash quality and very lo w ongoing service and maintenance costs. Completely modular in design the system can extend from 15m to 50m+ with your choices of pre-wash, polishing, wheel wash, and drying stations.


Cars Per Hour

60 - 180+

Space Required

20m - 50m


Independant car wash business.    100 to 300+ cars per day.


Express Wash Tunnel


Myriad of options primarily determined by tunnel length which in turn determines hourly vehicle wash capacity.

Price Range

From $200,000 (ex-GST)

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