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Belanger InstaKleen Drive-Through Car Wash

Belanger's Insta-Kleen™ is a high volume drive through fleet wash system that is engineered for continuous reliable performance. Whether you offer vehicles for rent, lease, or sale, the insta-KLEEN's fast, superior wash results will help keep your vehicles looking their best. Built for heavy-duty use, ultimate cleaning speed, and ease of installation, the insta-KLEEN™ delivers maximum performance with every wash. We use only the highest grade materials, like aircraft-grade aluminium, high-density plastics, and state-of-the-art electronics to ensure that your wash is up and running when you need it. The insta-KLEEN™ system can easily take the punishment of washing large volume vehicle fleets with consistent reliable results each and every time.

As with all Belanger wash systems, the Insta-Kleen™ is designed around a very flexible wash configuration model that enables you, the customer, to build the wash solution that best meets your needs. It is easy to add a conveyor, additional wash components, dryers, or chemical applicators to further expand your options. 

Built for heavy-duty use, the insta-KLEEN™ delivers maximum performance with every wash. The insta- KLEEN™ system can easily take the punishment of washing large fleets of vehicles with consistent results every time. The insta-KLEEN’s™ patented Porter-Proof design incorporates bowling ball-topped Flex Head side wheels with full 360° range of motion, which minimizes damage to vehicles or equipment. There are no couplings, 3-piece shafts or U-joints to lubricate or break, which significantly reduces maintenance. 

Photo eyes determine the size of each vehicle as it enters the insta-KLEEN™ and calculate the precise amount of water and chemicals needed for optimum cleaning, giving you better control and minimizing consumables use.

 The insta-KLEEN’s™ Equipment Control Centre is literally a “backroom in a box," housing and integrating all of the support and control equipment, plumbing and valves, chemical metering and utility distribution into an orderly and user-friendly platform.

 The powerful insta-KLEEN™ system can fit into the smallest of packages. A space just 4.3m wide (minimum) and 7m long (minimum) accommodates the entire system. 

Our three favourite features of the insta-KLEEN™ system are:

  • Low maintenance costs – given very few moving parts
  • Longer life cycle – (examples of some Hertz Hire Car sites have wash over 1.5 million washes before replacing equipment)
  • Fast wash speed (will wash a car in less than one minute)


Cars Per Hour

40 to 60 cars per hour

Space Required

Wash bay min. 7m long, 4.3m wide, min. 3.5m high.


Car dealerships, rental car companies, car showrooms, repair work shops, small petrol stations. 50+ cars per day.


Belanger InstaKleen.


Limited options are available including a roof mitter, additional dryer units, reverse osmosis water and water softening.

Price Range

From $50,000 (ex-GST)

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