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Otto Christ Varius Car Wash

Stepping up from the Centus is the Varius by Otto Christ. This car wash is striking to look at and provides excellent value offering many top-of-the-range features while still being priced in medium level price bracket.

The Varius has all the features of the Centus including: the wheel wash and wheel rim spray device; the active foam and wax applications; the jointed brush device; the pivoting, contour following roof blower with Opti-Air; and the under-chassis wash option.

The Otto Christ Varius makes two significant improvements on the Centus.

The first improvement is in the area of signalisation. Both sides of the travelling wash portal (gantry) are used to maximum effect with vehicle positioning LEDs and wash cycle indicators. The vehicle positioning LEDs ensure maximum customer confidence in using the car wash due to clear, easy to follow arrows. Additionally they guarantee efficient traffic flows optimising potential washes per hour.

The remainder of the gantry is covered with graphical representations of the full wash cycle with LEDs that illuminate while the particular cycle is in operation. This is an excellent marketing tool enabling on-lookers to appreciate the full wash process as it occurs. It also is an effective up-selling tool as customers can visually appreciate what they receive at each next price point.

The second key area of improvement on the Centus is the all-round high pressure washing capability offered by the Varius. Each vehicle is pre-washed by all-round high pressure at either 16 bar or 85 bar. The under-chassis of the vehicle is washed by two rotating high pressure jets at 85 bar. And most importantly, the problem wheel and sill areas are washed by 85 bar high pressure jets that are integrated into the wheel wash units.

The Varius is an impressive machine with an impressive price tag.


Cars Per Hour

8 to 12 cars per hour

Space Required

Wash bay length 9m 


Car dealerships, rental car companies, car showrooms, repair work shops, small petrol stations. 30+ cars per day.


Otto Christ Vairus


Many exceptional standard features including vibrant branding, Opti-flex brush cylinders, Opti 5+  addtional 50mm wash height plus multiple additional options

Price Range

From $85,000 (ex-GST)

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