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Otto Christ Varius TAKT Car Wash

The Varius TAKT is the fastest roll over car wash available on the international market. It has all the features of the Varius 1+1 with one key difference - the capability of washing 16 - 25+ cars per hour!

The Varius TAKT is able to wash more than 25 cars per hour due to the fact that it can wash 2 cars simultaneously. It does this from a 14m wash bay (up from 12m for the Varius 1+1).

The key to these high wash volumes is a two step wash process facilitated by a vehicle positioning deviced on both gantries. The vehicle enters the wash and is guided to a stop directly in front of the first wash arch.    This gantry conducts pre-washings, applies chemicals and waxes, and brush washes the vehicle. The vehicle is then guided to the second arch where the drying cycle takes place. While the vehicle is being dried a second vehicle enters the wash bay and is wash by the first wash arch.

From a customer's perspective the most attractive feature of the Varius TAKT is the 90 second wait between  vehicles. Most gantry car washes have wait times of 5-6 minutes between cycles. This will see customers drive past many conventional car washes and come to you with the confidence of receiving the best and fastest wash available with very short waiting times  - even in the busiest of peak periods.


Cars Per Hour

14 to 20 cars per hour

Space Required



Car dealerships, rental car companies, car showrooms, repair work shops, high volume petrol stations, self service car washes, fleet operations.  60+ cars per day.


Varius TAKT


Fastest Christ double gantry with all the features of the Varius roll over only more than twice as fast.

Price Range

From $140,000 (ex-GST)

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