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ICS Auto Sentry Car Wash Payment System

The ICS Auto Sentry Car Wash Payment Station delivers a new level of profitability and management reporting to car wash networks. The Auto Sentry functions at its most basic as a car wash payment system and controller. It accepts coins, notes and credit card and guides each customer through their transaction with a video interface using voice prompts. It is simple and easy to use and the on-screen, video car wash attendant quickly, clearly and efficiently explains the car wash options and helps the customer complete their purchase all the while taking every opportunity to up-sell.

The real value to the car wash operator however occurs in the additional features offered by the ICS Auto Sentry.

The Auto Sentry also accepts gift cards, pre-paid cards, fleet cards and as an option can also come equipped with an RFID tag reader.

These additional payment forms mean that a car wash network can significantly increase profitability by:

  • Selling gift cards and pre-paid cards over the counter and online.
  • Approaching corporate fleets and issuing them with Fleet Cards or RFID tags resulting in a single itemized monthly invoice for their total usage.
  • Introducing Unlimited Wash Clubs whereby customers can wash as many times as they like for a monthly fee that is direct debited from their credit card.
  • Introducing fundraising activities whereby local charities, schools, and community organizations can direct their members to the car wash with a percentage of every wash is donated to their organisation.

Here is a list of sales tools that an ICS system will bring to your business:

User Interface – A robust user interface with video and audio quickly walks the customer through the sales process.

Smart Upsells – Target upsells by service selection.

Profiles – Change your services and pricing by time or customer.

Fleets – Change profile by fleet account. Police pay less, are not offered wax and don’t pay sales tax.

Fundraising Tools – Use the Auto Sentry to track wash activity for non-profits.

Oversized Vehicle Profile – Change services and pricing for larger vehicles.

Vehicle identification with Auto Passport – Vehicle identification can change profiles, identify fleets and members.

Frequency Promotion – Have the Auto Sentry® print a customer receipt that offers a discounted wash code for a quick return visit.

Improved Flexibility – Fixed or portable Point-of-Sale devices in an Auto Sentry® lane operate as an attended lane or as a

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