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ICS Auto Sentry Petro Service Station Car Wash Payment System

The ICS Auto Sentry Petro Car Wash Payment System is designed specifically for the petrol station industry. The Petro utilizes many of the essential features of the Auto Sentry Flex making it exceptional value for money.

The Petro was designed as a cashless terminal to alleviate safety and theft risks normally associated with cash retrieval. Instead, the Petro accepts codes from purchases made at the pump or inside the c-store, and credit card purchases made at the terminal.

Unlike the boxy, push button entry terminals of the past, the sleek Petro offers a 10.5 inch touch screen display with custom graphics and bi-lingual audio and video. It enables you to offer customers a-la-carte upgrades and see an immediate increase in your dollars per car with many up-sell functions.

In addition your wash can offer the hottest trend in car washing today – unlimited wash club memberships. Utilising RFID technology, the Auto Passport system seamlessly integrates with the Petro to offer limited and unlimited club memberships and fleet programs.

With its market capabilities, modern design and competitive price the Petro is the future of service station car wash payment stations.

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