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CustomKraft Self Service Equipment

CustomKraft has developed the simplest, most reliable equipment for self-service car washes.  The components are easily accessible and engineered for durability.  Their progressive research and development program is based on dependability.  Since beginning business in 1982, their aim has been good design made simple.

Selecting the right company is an important decision.  CustomKraft has an experienced staff and a modern 43,000 square foot manufacturing plant to support our qualified representatives. 

The profitability of the car wash relies upon location, aesthetics of the facility, site cleanliness and dependability of equipment.  For over 20 years, CustomKraft has done all that is possible to respond to their customer's needs.  CustomKraft's priority is to build dependable and reliable equipment to assure a successful car wash business for all our customers. CustomKraft back the reliability of their product by offering a 2 year warranty.

The stand-out features of the CustomKraft range of self service equipment are:

  • CustomKraft is able to provide higher quality components for a lower price. The company’s simple MultiPressure® design reduces the price of the equipment by eliminating components.
  • CustomKraft equipment is simple and versatile. The equipment use one pump per bay to deliver any cycle with hot or cold water with up to eight (8) different operating pressures while minimizing required components.
  • CustomKraft equipment is reliable. The MultiPressure® system has only one delivery line per bay, eliminates in-bay check valves and low pressure pumps. Fewer check valves and pumps equate to higher dependability.
  • CustomKraft is the industry leader. CustomKraft has been in business over 20 years. The company introduced the MultiPressure® system, selfservice variable frequency drive, Super 12-function equipment, aluminum timing sprocket, ABS belt guard and fluid level controller. CustomKraft maintains an aggressive research and development program.
  • CustomKraft has also been able to integrate innovations from other industries to improve equipment performance. CustomKraft has successfully incorporated technologies from pre-cast modular buildings, solder-less copper manifolds, piezoelectric pressure switches, plug-in wire terminals and electrical power inverters.
  • CustomKraft equipment packages are all-inclusive. Equipment packages include machinery, bay components, connection wire and hoses, as well as, necessary support equipment.
  • CustomKraft equipment improves customer satisfaction. Products are rushed to the bay under high-pressure for faster change-over between cycles to reduce customer wait-time. CustomKraft equipment has fewer break downs and is more reliable.


Cars Per Hour

6 to 8 cars per wash bay

Space Required

Bay length 9m, bay width 5m


Self service car wash business




Many options including possibility fo up to 12 wash programs, mosmatic booms, various brushes, hoses & guns,  spare parts kit etc.

Price Range

$25,000 to $125,000 (ex-GST)

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