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Daerg Self Service Car Wash Equipment

Daerg Self Service Equipment is a completely modular self service washing unit available with one to six washing bays. Daerg is a proven performer suitable for high volume self service carwash locations attracting and retaining customers through cutting edge Italian design, wash quality and ease of operation.

Daerg Self Service Equipment has been designed with the customer in mind. Your customers will be attracted to its sharp design features and will return regularly thanks to the ease of use, wash quality, and thoughtful configuration that has been refined over many years of innovation.

A feature of the Daerg Self Service Equipment range is the option of housing all plant and equipment between your car wash bays in a specially designed cabinet. For sites with limited space this may mean you can add an additional wash bay in place of the plant room that most equipment manufacturers require.

Daerg Self Service Equipment offers between four and six wash programs.

1. Application of special wheel cleaner

2. Detergent and low pressure water

3. Brush + detergent and low pressure water

4. High pressure wash with hot  water

5. Wax and low pressure water

6. Final rinse with cold high pressure osmotic water

With all the features you'd expect from an Italian designed car wash Daerg Self Service Equipment represents excellent value for money in a high quality product that won't disappoint.

Daerg also sells an extremely popular self service single bay unit suited to lower volume sites with limited space. Retailing for less than $15,000 the Daerg Hydrowash is well suited to washing anything from scooters to caravans in remote locations, apartment block parking areas, caravan parks or any tight space that you'd like to fit in a car wash facility. It accepts coins or tokens and has four basic wash programs including: shampoo pre-wash, high pressure wash, low pressure wax and high pressure final rinse. Installation (connecting power and water to the self standing Hydrowash unit) is also simple and economical making this a low cost, high yielding investment.


Cars per hour

6 to 8 cars per hour

Space required

Bay length 9m, bay width 5m


Self service car wash business


Daerg Multi-Bay


Many options including 4 to 6 wash programs, different in-bay   brushes, hoses and guns as well as flat-packed building structures

Price range

$25,000 to $75,000 (ex-GST)

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