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Belanger Kondor Touch Free Car Wash

The Belanger Kondor KL2 (Two arm touchless automatic) showcases the sleek design of the Kondor platform with a two arm format. This two-arm design helps further increase the navigational certainty of users, while allowing simultaneous chemical application and rinsing. The compact carriage head and narrow overhead travel rails contribute to installation options for almost every bay size.

The Kondor is also extremely customer friendly with the narrow overhead rails forming an ‘inverted runway’ that helps drivers get into position. The compact carriage head helps users feel safer, and eases diagnostic and service procedures from just two ladder positions. The KL2’s Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms reset themselves without intervention causing no damage to the customers vehicle or machine operation in the event of mishap.

The Kondor wash quality will also be noted by your customers. Every Kondor includes essential solution delivery injectors – including two presoaks and a wax application. Additional application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, other waxes and bug spray.

The Kondor is an attractive unit that is available with white carriage housings and coloured branding panels with custom logos. Optional ‘Active Site Marketing’ Wing Covers cycle through 6 backlit colours to attract customers off the street and onto your site. And the available LED Navigation System illuminates both wash arms with RGB colour changing lights to help drivers position their vehicles.

From a reliability and durability perspective the Kondor’s galvanised travel rails and 25HP motor with CAT 35/35 Pump help ensure an extended service life and ROI for the operator.

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Cars Per Hour

8 to 16 cars per hour

Space Required

Bay length 9m, bay width 4m, bay height 3.5m


Car dealerships, rental car companies, car showrooms, repair work shops, small petrol stations, self-service car wash businesses, 40+ cars per day.


Belanger Kondor


Options including illuminated wash arms, multi-foam, ro & softenor, drying system and more.

Price Range

From $60,000 (ex-GST)

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