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Iteco L50 Mobile Truck Wash

The Iteco L50 is an entry-level bus and truck wash system manufactured by Italian company Iteco.Iteco s.r.l ( is a specialist commercial and industrial vehicle wash equipment manufacturer. Based in Poviglio in Italy, Iteco’s core business in the production of single brush mobile bus and truck washing equipment. They also produce gantry truck washes and water reclamation systems.

Iteco are well known throughout Europe for their innovative and flexible mobile wash systems that have brought automation to small fleets in remote areas saving them time and money compared to the option of manual fleet washing.

For small to medium fleets the Iteco L50 is a cost effective walk-around wash option.  It is a light and sturdy machine that is easy to push around the exterior of a vehicle.

The L50 consists of a small trolley with rotating brushes available in four different sizes to match the height of the commercial vehicles it is washing. It can be easily manoeuvred by one person and can wash an articulated truck in less than 10 minutes with a maximum consumption of 150 litres of water.

The L50 comes equipped with either a polyethylene brush (recommended for commercial vehicles) or a soft-touch brush. The brush inclines to 12 degrees making it well suited to wash the often sloped front of commerical vehicles.

The L50 is powered by a cable that can either be connected by an overhead system or left free on the ground.



Trucks Per Hour

4 to 6 trucks per hour

Space Required

Mobile Unit


Small trucking companies.


Iteco L50 Truck Wash


Kit for overhead power supply, foam soft touch brushes

Price Range

From $9,000 (ex-GST)

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