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Iteco Truck Wash Mobile Truck Wash

The Iteco Truck Wash is Iteco's most popular system accounting for more than 65% of the company's total sales. It is available as a manually pushing unit, with a standing ride-on platform or with a seat.

The Iteco Truck Wash is capable of effortlessly washing trucks in under 10 minutes and comes with a variety of power source options including: a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine, a 7.5hp diesel engine with electric motor, or battery powered.

A step up from the Iteco Quick Wash, the Truck Wash has ride-on options, (not available on the Quick Wash), a rotating brush that inclines to 20 degrees (Quick Wash brush inclination is 12 degrees), the option of a built-in power washer for difficult to reach areas (not available on the Quick Wash, and a 500 litre water tank (the Quick Wash has a 200 litre water tank).

The Iteco Truck Wash is the trucking industry's mobile truck wash of choice combining all the essential features of a mobile truck wash at a very competitive price.

Features of the Truck Wash include:

  • Completely mobile with either petrol, diesel or battery power;
  • A 500 litre water tank
  • 20 degree tilting brush for washing inclined surfaces
  • Hydraulic traction with variable speeds and extra large wheel
  • Double controls
  • Special trolley with 6 wheels for stability and ease of use
  • Brush diameter of 1000mm (polyethylene or soft-touch)
  • Bronze water pump
  • A silencer unit for the diesel engine
  • Twin wheels for greater stability
  • High pressure lance for spot cleaning
  • Automatic chemical dispensing
  • 4 litre fuel tank

Trucks Per Hour

6 to 10 trucks per hour

Space Required

Mobile wash unit


Small to medium trucking companies


Iteco Truck Wash


Electric or diesel, manual pressure washer option, soft touch brushes, splash guards, ride standing platform, ride on seat etc.

Price Range

From $20,000 (ex-GST)

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