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Autowash sells tram and train washing equipment from the Australia and the UK. Our diverse range of commercial train wash systems means that we are experts in engineering train washing solutions that exactly match your tender requirements.

Our train wash installation team have many years experience installing train wash systems throughout the world and we are currently working on local train washing projects in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Each train wash solution is highly customised and will vary (often dramatically) between installations. Having said this, to provide an introductory understanding of our train wash systems we have divided our product range into three key categories: tram wash equipment, passenger train wash systems, and locomotive wash equipment.

Tram Wash Equipment

Autowash's tram wash equipment is sourced from one key supplier : Brittania Wash Systems.

we are proud to exclusively distribute in the Australian market.

Passenger Train Wash Systems

Our passenger train washing systems are completely engineered around our customers' tender requirements bringing to bear our engineering background and signficant industry experience in the commercial vehicle washing market. We have at our disposal a full team of engineers and design specialists from Britannia Wash Systems with years of world leading train wash solutions. 

Locomotive Wash Systems

Britannia Wash Systems are specialist providers of freight train wash systems. Their locomotive wash systems are intelligently designed and exceptionally durable. They are able to handle thousands of wash cycles with minimal ongoing service and maintenance due to their reliance on high pressure water cleaning technology which has no brushes and few moving parts. Britannia freight train wash systems are designed to deliver a superior wash quality, and low running costs over the long term. These two traits combine with to deliver a very good return on your investment.

Autowash is able to offer full turn-key train wash project management including planning, wash building & construction, wash equipment installation & commissioning, and ongoing service & maintenance.

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