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Autowash sells truck wash equipment from the Australia, US, Canada, Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Italy and the UK. Our diverse range of truck washing equipment means that we are experts in matching the right equipment to each of our customer’s individual needs.

We specialize in truck washing having sold truck washes to Chevron, BHP, Bechtel, Veolia, Rio Tinto , Remondis , Halliburton  and other local and multi-national companies.

Autowash sells every type of truck wash system including: roll over truck wash equipment (touchless and friction), drive through truck wash equipment (touch free and brush), mobile fleet washing systems, self service truck wash equipment, internal tanker cleaning equipment, quarantine wash equipment, construction vehicle wash solutions, military truck wash equipment, and ancilliary truck wash industry products likes shopping trolley wash systems and rubbish bin cleaning systems.

Roll Over Truck Wash (6 - 10 trucks per hour)

Autowash's roll over truck wash systems are manufactured by Brittannia Wash Systems. Britannia are the leading vehicle wash manufacturers and produce the highest quality truck wash equipment available. Quality in commerical truck washing equates to consistent, reliable operation over the long term. Purchasing an Britannia roll over truck wash will ensure maximum return on investment over the long term.

Drive Through Truck Wash (10 - 20 trucks per hour)

We sell a large variety of drive through truck wash systems combinations based on specific customer requirements,  revolutionising the truck washing industry in Australia with typically wash times as low as  3 minutes for a B-Double and as low as 2 minutes for Garbage Truck. Autowash has installed many systems Australia wide.


Mobile Fleet Washing & Single Brush Truck Wash (3 - 5 trucks per hour)

Autowash carries an extensive range of single brush manual and automated truck wash systems from Italian manufacturer Iteco S.r.l. Single brush truck wash systems are a quick and efficient way to wash trucks. Hand washing a B-Double can take up to an hour per truck - this can be reduced down to 10 minutes using a single brush system which is also very economically priced.

We also sell Australian made mobile truck washing equipment including truck wash mats, pressure washers, pumps, oil & water separators, bunding products, and customized trailers. All our mobile truck washing equipment is designed to be compliant with Australian Trade Waste requirements.

Self Service Truck Wash Equipment (1 - 2 trucks per hour)

Our manual truck wash bay equipment comes from  CustomKraft in the USA. Our equipment leads the market in Australia with many unique features including plant room or in-bay cabinet options, 2 year warranties on parts and labour, high volume lower pressure flows rates suited to commercial vehicles, and a manufacturing emphasis on durability to maximise equipment useful life.

Internal Tanker Cleaning (4 - 6 tankers per hour)

We sell internal tanker cleaning equipment from German company Weidner. Weidner have been manufacturing internal tanker cleaning solutions since 1981 and currently have hundreds of systems in operation throughout Europe, Great Britain, the Americas, the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Quarantine Wash Solutions (Up to 32  trucks per hour)

Autowash specialises in quarantine wash solutions, container washing systems and agricultural wash solutions. Our systems are either portable (with containerised plant rooms) or semi-permanent in nature.

Construction Wash Solutions (Up to 60 trucks per hour)

Autowash supplies several wheel wash systems perfectly suited to the construction industry. We source our wheel wash systems worldwide. We sell portable, above ground wheel washes and also semi-permanent inground set-ups.

Military Wash Solutions (Up to - 60 vehicles per hour)

We provide systems from worldwide suppliers which are  designed as solutions for wide range of military vehicle wash systems starting at portable systems for truck washing right up to permanent tank and aeroplane wash systems.

Shopping Trolley Wash Equipment

Autowash sells German trolley wash equipment from Feistmantl. Government health authorities are increasing levels of scrutiny on the health and safety practices of Australia's supermarket and fresh food chains. European governments now legislate and monitor regular shopping trolley washing and sanitising and German company Feistmantl leads the market in provding automated shopping trolley wash equipment to most major chains.

Rubbish Bin Cleaning Equipment

German vehicle wash system manufacturer Feistmantl is a market leader in rubbish bin washing equipment. They make multiple systems suited to washing the full range of bins from standard domestic bins right up to the largest commerical garbage bins. Autowash stocks the full Feistmantl rubbish bin cleaning range.

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